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Kurdish population in Northern Syria: Turkey should stop its backhanded support for the ISIL


Kobani (also Ayn al-Arab) Kurdish region in Northern Syria has been beset with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) for the last two years and it has been under siege by the terrorist group during the last 18 months; but now they might be massacred in thousands any moment.
The terrorist organization has laid a siege to the town one and a half years ago and isolated it from the outside world. Before that, Turkey had shut the border checkpoints for emergency supplies to the population.

On 15 September, ISIL started a major assault against Kobani with heavy weaponry – including tanks – and managed to gain ample terrain. Current reports speak of massacres of civilians and hijackings of young women and girls.

Reports in the last two days said Turkey has accepted around 4,000 of the Kobani Kurdish refugees, mostly women and children.

The Kurdish population in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria said Turkey should stop its backhanded support for the ISIL, and close its borders to the terrorist group.

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