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‘Kabul bombing result of US invasion of Afghanistan’



A huge car bomb explosion near the presidential palace and foreign embassies in the center of Kabul has caused chaos in the Afghan capital city. Press TV has talked to Jason Unruhe, political commentator and analyst, as well as Lawrence J. Korb, US foreign policy and national security analyst, to get their opinion on this terrorist attack.

Unruhe believes the bomb explosion in Kabul is the result of the United States invasion of Afghanistan, adding that such violent acts are the “natural products” of destabilizing a country.

He also noted that the current government in Afghanistan lacks legitimacy in the eyes of many Afghan people because they view it “as a puppet government for US interests.”

The analyst further stated that Washington has focused more efforts on trying to contain the Taliban rather than trying to keep the Afghan government stable enough to operate on its own.

“The way the US occupation has manifested itself, it has been more concerned with physically destroying the Taliban than creating an alternative to the Taliban. [Therefore], people are far less likely to trust what the occupiers are telling them,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Unruhe opined that when the United States carries out bombings which always end up with innocent civilians being killed, people tend not to see the “proclaimed reason” for the occupation to be legitimate.

The analyst further argued that both the United States and Taliban “lack serious legitimacy,” predicting that the conflict in Afghanistan will go on with “no clear victor.”

Meanwhile, Lawrence J. Korb, the other panelist on the program, condemned the Kabul bomb attack as “senseless” and “horrible,” adding that the attempt was to kill as many innocent civilians as possible given the fact that it was carried out during rush hour.

Afghan volunteers carry victims at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on May 31, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

He also asserted that Washington’s failure to establish a government that had the full support of the Afghan people led to the rise of militancy in the country.

The analyst went on to say that the Taliban regained foothold in Afghanistan as the United States turned its attention to Iraq in order to drive the Daesh terrorists out of that country.

Korb further suggested that the US should have negotiations with the Taliban in order to have a role in running the government.

“You can defeat somebody militarily but you cannot defeat them psychologically if in fact there is nobody to support because that is the problem that you can win the battles but lose the war until you have a government in there that the majority of the people want and that is why we should have negotiations with the Taliban,” he said in conclusion.

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