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Israeli occupation hospitals treat more injured terrorists fighting in Syria

Israeli occupation hospitals treat more injured terrorists fighting in Syria
The Israeli website Walla said that six injured terrorists fighting in Syria, two seriously, were admitted to Israeli hospitals to receive treatment.

The website added that four of the injured terrorists have been admitted to Poriya Hospital in Tiberias while the two others were evacuated to Nahariya hospital in the Western Galilee, noting that, until now, Tiberias hospital, treated 67 wounded terrorists while Nahariya hospital treated 250 others.

There couldn’t be a real statistics for the numbers of the terrorists who have been receiving treatment in the Israeli occupation hospitals, due to the deliberate media blackout.

From time to another, the Israeli mass media leak some numbers for political and media purposes, particularly after the visit paid by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to the field hospital established by the Israeli authorities on the Syrian occupied territories to treat mercenary terrorists.

This step unveils the unwavering support provided by Israel to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Evidence on the unlimited support provided to the terrorist groups by the Israeli occupation authorities unfolds daily with the Syrian army personnel seizing Israeli-made advanced communication devices, equipment, weapons and ammunition

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