Enemies of Syria

Israeli company starts “preparatory” oil drilling in occupied Syrian Golan


Israeli Afek Company for Oil and Gas started drilling in the occupied Syrian Golan at site called “Oil 5″ where heavy vehicles arrived at the site to begin what it said “preparatory drilling”. The actual drilling will begin in two weeks.
The move comes after an Israeli court gave the green light to the Israeli company last month to steal the Syrian oil in the occupied Golan, rejecting an appeal by an Israeli group which defends environment to stop drilling in Golan.
Environment activists oppose drilling processes as they pose threat to the natural resources, including underground water which feeds Tiberias Lake.
The Israeli hostile move comes after the UN reiterated its call on the Israeli occupation entity to abide by resolutions relevant to the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly Security Council Resolution No. 497 of 1981 which considers the occupation’s laws and administrative custody on the occupied Syrian Golan as null and void.

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