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‘Israel’ Forced Nusra, Jordan’s MOC to Battle Syrian Army in Southern Provinces: Hundreds of Terrorists Killed or Injured



All political and military observers can easily notice the key Zionist role in leading the terrorists’ battles against the Syrian army in the southern provinces in an attempt to secure the entity’s northern front and to contribute to the sinister plot targeting Syria.

Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper published a report in which it mentioned tackled in details the Israeli role in the two attacks launched by the terrorists against the Syrian army in the southern provinces.

The daily noted that during the past 10 days, two major battles erupted between the terrorists and the Syrian army as the Zionists played a leading function in planning, preparing and launching the militant attacks in various cities.

Before the battles which occurred in Daraa, Quneitra, and Damascus countryside, the terrorists of Nusra Front and other takfiri groups were involved in fighting the ISIL gunmen who had already controlled a number of villages and farms, according to the paper.

The Lebanese paper pointed out that, the Zionist entity first worked on “convincing” the terrorists to stop ISIL battles which were managed by the Military Operations Command (MOC) in Jordan in order to protect that country from the danger of the terrorist group.

‘Israel’ then mobilized the terrorists who numbered around 1500 and provided them with heavy weaponry, logistical assistance and necessary information about the Syrian army, Al-Akhbar reported.

What is remarkable about the Zionist support to the terrorists is that ‘Israel’ forced them to acknowledge the entity in return of the assistance which also included medicating the injured militants at the Israeli hospitals, the daily added.

The enemy bombards itself

The Zionist army also issued consecutive statements to claim that shells were fired from the Syrian side onto the Occupied Golan Heights in order to justify its violent responses by striking the Syrian army posts.

According to field reports cited by Al-Akhbar, only two stray shells which crossed into the Occupied Golan Heights were fired by the Syrian army. The source of the rest was the terrorists’ cannons.

Despite all that extent of support provided by the Zionist enemy to the terrorist groups, the Syrian army repelled the terrorists’ attacks, killing 108 militants and injuring 408 of others, Al-Akhbar mentioned.

A well-informed field commander told Al-Akhbar that the Syrian army, on the other hand preserved its military readiness, surveillance data and moral decision to fight the terrorists.

The commander added that on the southern front, the Syrian army took the position of the negative defender in 2014 before positively defending its posts in 2015, but “in 2016, it regained the full capacity to initiate against the terrorists.”

The Syrian army improved its command processes as well as field operations and benefited from the military experience of its allies in sending small groups to prepare ambushes or plant explosives behind the enemy’s lines, the commander told Al-Akhbar.

Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper

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