‘israel’ Concerned about New Iranian-Russian Approach in Syria after Tripartite Aggression: Haartez

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The zionist military officials are concerned about the Iranian-Russian reaction to the US-French-UK aerial aggression on Syria on Saturday, according to Haaretz newspaper which added that the Zionist government expects restricting the free movement of its military air force over Syria.

The paper added that Russia, after the tripartite aggression, would provide Syria with more sophisticated air defense systems, considering that this would threaten the Zionist warplanes flying over Lebanon.

Haaretz pointed out that ‘Israel’ is concerned about the possible US decision to withdraw troops from Syria in light of the President Donald Trump’s statements which considered that the tripartite aggression is enough.

It is also worth to highlight the Zionist fears of the possible Iranian response to the Israeli air raid on the T4 military airport in Syria which claimed Iranian troops.


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