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Israel Attempts to Exploit Syria’s Druze Plight to Support Nusra Front

The Zionist entity which has always supported al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Nusra Front, is trying to reach a kind of settlement between Suwaida’s Druze and the terrorist group in order to prevent the any confrontation between the two sides, which, according to Israeli analysts, would strengthen the government in face of the militants.

The analysts said that since the majority of the Syrian Druze support President Bashar Assad, they would be a robust challenge for Nusra Front in its war against the Syrian army if a confrontation between the two sides occurred.

The analysts also explained the Israeli military call for rescuing Suwaida’s Druze as a clear reflection of a Zionist intention to interfere directly in Syria, noting that if ‘Israel’ fails to “seize the opportunity”, the Syrian government, Iran and Hezbollah would carry out the mission, which would promote their position, weaken the terrorist groups and expose the entity to major threats.

Source: Al Manar TV

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