ISIS Suffers Heavy Losses at Central Park on Sakr Island

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The Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard carried out multiple raids on Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) dens at Central Park on Sakr Island, killing and arresting many members of the organization. The raids specifically targeted ISIS’ supply depots that house a multitude of weapons and ammunition that are distributed to their entrenched fighters on the island. Thus far, the 104th Brigade has been successful in destroying the dens located in the western part of the park; however, a source added that military intelligence believes that a network of tunnels exists and that they need to unearthed.

Identified ISIS fighters killed at Sakr Island this week:

1. Ahmad ‘Abdel-Rahman Saleem (Egyptian)
2. Karam Al-Taban
3. Ahmad Riad Al-Salaam
4. Bassam Yousefaldeen
5. Yasseen Ahmad Al-As’ad
6. Nawaf ‘Anaad
7. Hatem Ahmad Al-‘Abdullah

Source: Almasdarnews


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