ISIS loses ground in Syrian Desert as Syrian Army advances

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The race to control the expanse of the Syrian Desert heats up as the Syrian forces continue to recapture more land amid massive ISIS collapse.

Earlier today, the Syrian Army and allied forces liberated a massive chunk of mountainous territories located to the southwest of Palmyra after a massive withdrawal of ISIS militants.

The recapture of the Phosphate-rich Khnevis area along with the Abtar mountains reduces the distance separating the government forces in east Homs to those in east Qalamoun to around 40 kilometers.

The securing of the rugged terrain in-between the two fronts will be the pro-government forces’ next objective before moving further to the north and the east (along the Syrian-Jordanian border).

According to informed sources, Syrian government troops, backed by allied militias and heavy Russian airstrikes, will attempt to take over all ISIS-controlled pockets from eastern Hama to central Homs before the long-awaited offensive towards the besieged city of Deir Ezzor kicks off.


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