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ISIL Trafficking Body Parts to Fund Terror: Report

ISIL Trafficking Body Parts to Fund Terror: Report

The ISIL Takfiri group resorts to trafficking human organs as a means of funding its terrorist activities, according to a report.
The US-based media website Al-Monitor reported the development earlier in the month, quoting Siruwan al-Mosuli, an otolaryngologist.
“He (al-Mosuli) said that lately he noticed unusual movement within medical facilities in Mosul. Arab and foreign surgeons were hired, but prohibited from mixing with local doctors,” the website wrote.
“Information then leaked about organ selling. Surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialized in trafficking human organs,” it noted.
“Mosuli said that the organs come from fallen fighters who were quickly transported to the hospital, injured people who were abandoned or individuals who were kidnapped.”
A specialized mafia and overseas medical institutions have been enlisted to enable the trafficking operation.
The ISIL terrorists control some parts of Syria and Iraq. They are engaged in crimes against humanity in the areas under their control. ISIL militants have terrorized and killed people of all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians.

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