ISIL Suffers More Setback: Syrian Army Liberate 33 Villages in Rural Al-Hasakah

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Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) have liberated 33 villages near the village of Tal Barak in rural Al-Hasakah after fierce clashes with ISIL on Saturday and Sunday.

According to a source in Al-Hasakah, the NDF was assisted by the Assyrian militia “Suturo” and local Arab tribes.

ISIS militants attempted to break-through the NDF’s frontline defenses at Jabal ‘Abdel-‘Aziz; however, they were repelled by the soldiers entrenched in the eastern part of this small mountainous area.

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) launched a series of airstrikes over the ISIS stronghold of Al-Shadadi, targeting the terrorist group’s headquarters in the town-center and their supply route to their embattled militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul.


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