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ISIL Executes Two ’Comrades in Arms’ amid Fierce Clashes in Hasakah

nusra-syria1Sources inside Syria reported that the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group (ISIL) has executed two Jordanians who were fighting in its ranks in Syria.
The sources, preferred anonymity, said that “ISIL Shot dead Mohammad al-Hayar and Ashraf Arabiat for charges of seizing weapons, vehicles and other materials captured by the organization after battles against the Syrian army.”
Moreover, Infighting continues among armed opposition groups in Hasakah, where fierce clashes broke out Monday between battalions of the so-called Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra Front on one side, and ISIL on the other hand.
Clashes resulted in huge losses for ISIL in the city of Markadah in Al-Hasakah province, Al-Alam news website reported.
Activists said that FSA militants inflicted ISIL heavy casualties, destructed three of their Dushka cars, seized five vehicles and confiscated weapons.
The battles took place in the region of Sawamea al-Hoboob and in villages surrounding the Thaljah barrier in Markadah.
Earlier, Now News network announced Sunday that a large number of Battar battalion have defected from ISIL in Hasakah countryside, and have surrendered to al-Nusra Front command in the province.

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