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ISIL boasts its horrible terror acts in film clip

ISIL boasts its horrible terror acts in film clipThe notorious Takfiri terrorist group that calls itself Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has newly released a video footage boasting its gruesome terrorist acts in Iraq.
Citing experts, al-Alam News Network underlines in a Saturday report that the film clip proves how well-equipped the foreign-backed terrorist in Iraq are, in terms of their military resources, equipment, ammunition and training, for carrying out insurgency and killing campaigns.
These experts say the clip shows ISIL terrorist using advanced photographic equipment to produce Hollywood-like images to boast about their crimes.
The clip further shows foreign elements intruding into Iraq tearing apart their native country’s passports while proudly documenting their horrible crimes against Iraqi civilians and security forces.
The video footage also indicates the difficulty of the task the Iraqi army is up to in purging the terrorist-infested al-Anbar province, particularly Fallujah City, from such ruthless foreign terrorists.

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