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ISIL blows up main gas pipeline in central Syria

ISIL detonated on early Wednesday a main pipeline for supplying natural gas to the capital Damascus and its suburbs, cutting off electricity power in many districts.

The work of sabotage took place near the T-4 military airbase (90 km east of Homs) as the terror group seeks to deprive citizens loyal to the Syrian government from the basic needs of life.

In neighboring Iraq, ISIL has recently closed Ramadi dam gates, cutting off water to pro-government populations.

The pipeline is solely used to feed natural gas to the residential suburbs of Homs and Damascus, and has no military use whatsoever.

After capturing the ancient city of Palmyra, ISIL has seized a number of oil and gas fields in the area. The group controls most of the country’s oil and gas wealth, especially in the northeastern region, and uses the revenues to finance its activities.

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