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Iraqis reject presence of US troops in their country

Iraqis protest against US troop presence in Iraq

The US Department of Defense announced that the visit of the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey to Baghdad aims at getting more information about the progress made by the military campaign against ISIL.
Iraqis did not welcome the visit and said that it had no reason especially after Dempsey’s speech in the congress three day ago. He mentioned the need for the US troops to be engaged in the battle of the Iraqi forces against ISIL. Iraqi politicians and political analysts have assured that the Iraqi army and volunteer forces alone can defeat the terrorists. The say the US wants to show that Iraq is weak and that its military cannot flush militants out of some strategic areas such as Mosul. The advances achieved by the Iraqi army so far have proved that the military in cooperation with the Iraqi air force and volunteer forces can drive militants out of strategic areas. They just need to launch more complex operations to prove wrong what Gen. Dempsey announced in the congress that Iraqi army may not be able to regain control of Mosul or the border areas near Syria. It seems that the US is not going to keep its promise to the Iraqi government. They are planning to send more troops to be engaged in fighting ISIL in the north, a step already disapproved of by the majority of Iraqis. Iraqi politicians and analysts insist on rejecting the presence of foreign troops in their country under the pretext of fighting ISIL. Despite the lack of training and sophisticated weapons, the Iraqi forces have proved that they can defeat terrorism.

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