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Iraqi Soldiers Put Takfiri Terrorists to Rout in Anbar Province


Military sources announced that tens of militants have been killed in bloody battle with the Iraqi army forces in Anbar province.
Iraqi army forces conducted special operation in Anbar province, targeting the strongholds of the ISIL terrorist group, officials said.

According to the statement by the Iraqi central command, at least 92 ISIL Takfiri militants were killed in the Anbar raids.

“Iraqi army troops, backed by the air force, bombed key strongholds of ISIL in Anbar province,” the statement said, ading that “the terrorist group has suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment in the army attacks on Friday.”

Informed Iraqi military sources had disclosed that tens of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists have been killed in the army operations in Anbar province as they seized back a strategic region to the Northwest of the city of al-Ramadi.

At least 600 ISIL terrorists were killed in the recent fierce clashes with Iraq’s joint military forces, Commander of Anbar Liberation Operations Major General Esmayeel al-Mahlawi said.

A large number of ISIL terrorists have also fled to the city of Ramadi through the Euphrates river.

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