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Iraqi PM: No coalition, Iranian forces present in war on Daesh



Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has brushed off claims that tens of thousand international coalition and Iranian forces are involved in war against Daesh.

‘Certain groups speak of presence of tens of thousand of international coalition forces or of Iranians in the current battles; that’s a sheer lie,’ said Al-Abadi in a televised program before leaving Baghdad for Washington.

He said only Iraqi forces are present in the war on Daesh.

Referring to those who claimed of the presence of non-Iraqi forces in the country’s war against Daesh terrorist, al-Abadi said, such ‘hated’ groups and wings are lying.

However, the Iraqi prime mnister thanked ‘others’ for their assistances.

He blamed Daesh for ongoing disputes in the region and urged unity among regional states to confront terrorism.

Al-Abadi boasted that the world today acknowledges to the power of Iraq.

‘World praises Iraq power in war on terrorism,’ he said.

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