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Iraqi Army Arrives at Tikrit Gate

The Iraqi army backed by popular forces marched all the way to Tikrit in Salahuddin province and are now standing at the gates of the city, media reports said.

After one week of heavy fighting with ISIL terrorists, the Iraqi forces have now opened their path into Tikrit, Al-Araqieh news website reported on Monday morning.

The Iraqi army also continued its advances in the two towns of al-Alam and al-Dour near Tikrit in Salahuddin province, and claimed the lives of dozens of the terrorists in there.

“We are trying to surround ISIL inside al-Alam and al-Dour and cut all supply routes for them,” al-Alam mayor Laith al-Jubouri said on Sunday.

Army and militia fighters entered the Southern and Eastern parts of al-Dour on Friday.

According to reports on Saturday, the Iraqi soldiers inflicted hefty losses on the ISIL terrorists in the village of Kuwaishat in Fallujah, as the army continued its huge offensive towards Tikrit.

The ISIL terrorists escaped the village and left their weapons and vehicles behind.

Thousands of government troops, Shiite and Sunni popular forces have started a major offensive in the Iraqi city of Samarra to oust the ISIL terrorists from the strategic province of Salahuddin, which includes the ancient city of Tikrit.

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