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Iraq should not turn into another Syria

n00155820-b (1)Not only Syria but also countries like Iraq, Lebanon and other countries are encountering the issue of terrorism. Takfiri terrorists who are isolated everyday have poured into Iraq and the country, exhausted over its domestic challenges, is facing a challenge more threatening than US occupation of its lands.
In order to shed more light on the issue of terrorism in Iraq and the Middle East region and also critical political situation and the insecurity in Iraq, Taghrib News Agency (TNA) in an exclusive interview with Sabbah Zangeneh, Iranian Middle East expert, has asked for his views on the issues.
Q: As you know terrorism has turned into the biggest catastrophe both in the Middle East and international community. In your view what does the extremist movements in Iraq are pursuing?
A: Terrorist groups in Syria, following their failure in the country have fled to Iraq targeting the country and its nation. Since Iraq is quite important for colonial countries due to its strategic importance, geographic, spiritual, religious position and also its abundant oil and gas resources.
These colonial countries are making the best of terrorism as a lever against Iraqi government and nation in order to achieve their inhumane interests in the war torn country.
On the one hand terrorism and on the other hand former political movements in Iraq who have been disempowered have been using the presence of terrorist groups in Iraq for their reemergence in the political arena.
On the other hand though, countries which are dissatisfied with empowerment of Iraq are pleased with presence of terrorist groups and make use of the opportunity to achieve their materialistic and political objectives.
Q: Recently Iraqi Premier Noori al Maliki has announced that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are responsible for the insecurity in Iraq. What is your view on the best way to encounter these two countries and also other states supporting terrorism?
A: Among the countries which have made the greatest contribution to training and expansion of terrorism is the US. Since US has broken into Iraq, it has arrested many terrorists who have later been freed as a hidden agreement between the US and its allies.
US is in pursuit of instability and insecurity in Iraq so that it can dominate natural resources and make a dependent country out of the Middle East country.
Terrorist supporters of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are quite concerned over promotion of Iraq and cannot bear the country as a rival due to its rich natural resources. Due to the same reason they lead terrorist groups towards Iraq and Syria and contribute their great financial support for them.
Q: What is the role of religious leaders to prevent sectarian and religious clashes in Iraq?
A: Muslim world scholars can play a vital role only if they can play their role independent from their governments. Many religious figures are dependent on their governments but for those religious figures that are aware of the situation have to acknowledge the youths with the objectives of terrorism in Iraq. The issue of Muslim killing in Iraq is a true threat whish has never been ignored by vigilant Islamic scholars.
Q: How does insecurity in Iraq affect other regional countries?
A: Due to the geographic situation of Iraq, the country is home to various sectarian and religious groups making the country one of the most communicative countries in the region. Because of the same reason it is in close relation with all regional countries and any insecurity in population, religious and political tendencies of the country will lead to great changes both for the country and its neighboring countries.
Q: What are the ways for handling the clashes and coming to permanent stability in Iraq?
A: Iraq, in order to get out of the crisis, has no way but popular mobilization of its nation and creating a mutual cooperation between the nation and government. Iraqi government has to prepare its nation for recognition of terrorists and for this aim scholars, elites and Iraqi media are responsible.
At present the solution for getting out of the clashes and coming to a general stability in Iraq is collective unity. If Iraqi nation do not move hand in hand, then the country is unlikely to experience the bitter incidents in Syria.

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