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Iran’s Rouhani in Thailand for talks on last leg of Southeast Asian tour



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is in Thailand for talks aimed at boosting economic ties and promoting cooperation among Asian countries at a continental level.

Rouhani arrived in Bangkok on Saturday on the last leg of his Southeast Asian tour, during which he visited Malaysia and Vietnam, where he held meetings with various heads of state and officials. He was greeted at the airport by the King’s Counsel, the Thai Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, and Iran’s ambassador to Bangkok.

On Monday, Rouhani is set to speak at the two-day 2nd Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) summit along with the leaders of 33 countries from all five sub-regions of Asia — Central, Southeast, South, East, and West Asia. ACD is an inter-governmental organization created in 2002 to help integrate separate regional organizations — such as ASEAN, SAARC, the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Eurasian Economic Union — incorporating every Asian country to build an Asian Community without duplicating other organizations.

Along with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and several other ministers, a trade delegation is accompanying Rouhani in the visit.

The Iranian president’s official reception ceremony is set to be held at Thailand’s vice presidential palace on Sunday.

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