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Iran’s parliament: Syria’s elections helped frustrate hostile plots

20140608-121224_h549079 (1)Iran’s Shura Council said President al-Assad’s landslide win in Syria’s recent presidential vote and the high voter turnout have frustrated the enemies’ plots in Syria as well as in the region.
In a statement issued Sunday and signed by 230 Iranian MPs, the Council described Syria’s successful election as “a show of the political capability” of the Syrian government and people in the face of the US and its allies in the region.
Syrian presidential election, the statement added, helped bolster the front of the countries backing peace in Syria and opposing war on it.
The Iranian MPs reiterated that the crisis imposed on Syria has no other way to be solved that the political way, adding that the political solution should be based in the first place on the will of the Syrian people.
They held the US and its regional allies responsible to the world public opinion for the war on Syria and the deaths of tens of thousands of the innocent Syrians since the crisis erupted in March, 2011.
The Iranian MPs asserted the Syrian people’s right to demanding damage claims from the countries which have sent terrorists and weapons into Syria.
Borujerdi: Syria’s elections would help political solution
Earlier, Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee at the Iranian Shura Council, Alaaeddin Broujerdi stressed that the presidential elections held recently in Syria witnessed zealous and epical turnout by the Syrian people.
“Since the beginning, we believed in the political option and we were confident that the elections and their results would have a big influence on finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria and eliminating the problems it faces,” Broujerdi said in an interview with the Iranian TV broadcast Saturday.
He pointed out to the visit paid by some parliamentarian groups to the city of Aleppo, noting that ” the terrorists fired mortar shells on the city in the elections day.”
On not recognizing of the presidential elections in Syria by some western countries, the Iranian official slammed the Western double standards in dealing with the countries.
He asserted that the most important issue for the US and its allies is achieving their interests in the region.
The Iranian official stressed that Syria was a stable country which enjoys coexistence among different spectrums of its people, but the US is seeking to destabilize the Middle East through instigating problems in Syria.
Broujerdi pointed that tens of the countries have supported and sent terrorists to Syria to escalate the crisis in it, saying that the Syrian government after the Presidential elections has become more stronger and will confront the armed terrorist groups.
For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Committee Mansour Haqiqat Pour stressed that President al-Assad’s win of the Presidential elections is a victory of the will of the Syrian people which astonished the enemies of Syria.
In a statement to Iranian Tasnim International News Agency, Haqiqat Pour stressed that the presidential elections were conducted in a complete transparent and free atmosphere and it was covered by a large number of foreign correspondents and journalists.
He asserted that President al-Assad’s winning of the presidential elections was the result of his resistance and confrontation of the terrorists and a proof on the victory of the will of the Syrian people .
Haqiqat Pour called on the US to stop interfering in the other countries’ internal affairs and to be engaged in solving their internal problems.
He also called on the Saudi officials to reconsider their behaviors and attitude after the failure of the western countries in Syria.
“Saudi Arabia has to stop its support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria and stop turning itself into a reactionary country,” Mansour Haqiqat Pour said.
Haqiqat Pour called on Iran not to rush in developing its relations with Saudi Arabia only after removing some pending issues, voicing stark resentment against the Support offered by Saudi Arabia to terrorists in Syria.
In a relevant context, member of the Committee, Mohammad Sadeq Jokar told Iranian Fares News Agency that the results of the Syrian presidential elections thwarted the US hegemony on the region, hailing the Syrian people’s wide participation in the elections.
Member of the Assembly of Experts (Assembly of Experts of the Leadership) of Iran Mowahidi Kermani stressed that President al-Assad’s winning of the presidential elections held on June 3rd disappointed the Americans and their allies in the region.

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