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Iranians turn out in election unprecedented: President Rouhani to foreign media



Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian people voted for moderation and reason in the recent twin elections in the country.

The president made the remarks in his first press conference on Monday in the presence of representatives of domestic and foreign media since his landslide election victory and winning a second term in office.

Rouhani described the turnout in the elections as “unprecedented in Iranian history,” saying if all of those who had stood in long queues at the polling stations had succeeded to vote, the figure would have increased to 45 million. Some 42 million ballots were cast in the presidential election.

He said the lies in the presidential campaign failed to yield results, adding that the Iranian nation dismissed destructive efforts and imprecise remarks.

Rouhani said Iranians proved that they cannot be deceived by unreasonable promises, adding that the Iranian people would never accept national media being under the influence and control of one particular party and faction.

He said the high turnout of the Iranian people in the polls proved that they want to convey the message that they are one nation and want to be heard.

“The people said ‘yes’ to unity and balance,” he stressed.

Iranians voted for plans to develop the country’s economy and announced that no one has the right to impose its own will on others, the newly-reelected president added.

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