Iranian Sunni cleric: Promotion of Islam impossible with division

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Molavi Abdul Hamid Esmaeel Zehi, Sunni prayer leader of Makki Mosque in Zahedan, attended the graduation ceremony of Dar-ul-Ulum Sunni Seminary hailed the high status of knowledge in Islam stressing the importance of expansion knowledge as prerequisite for promotion of man, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to division and extremism as two challenges in current world of Islam and noted peace and thoughtfulness as two necessities for both world of Islam and the whole globe.

“We have to leave extremism and prejudice in order to live in coexistence and promote unity and fraternity” said the Sunni cleric and stressed,” It is solidarity and fraternity which expands Islam and not dispersion or disagreements.”

According to Molavi Abdul Hamid, Unified Islamic nation realizes through wisdom and mutual respect and those who distract from this path are certainly ignorant to Islam and its objectives.


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