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Iranian official: Turkey involved in the expansion of ISIS in region

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Military Advisor to the Supreme Leader’s Representative in the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Maj. Gen. Yadollah Javani renewed Iran’s full support to the Syrian people and government in confronting the conspiracy hatched against it and combating the terrorist organizations.
Javani said in an interview with Iranian Alalam TV on Sunday that the Syrian people’s resilience and their standing by the Syrian army have enabled them to confront the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) terrorist organization and other similar organizations.
He pointed out that the Turkish government’s involvement in supporting ISIS helped the terrorist organization expand in some areas in Syria and Iraq, clarifying that Turkey’s priority is not battling with ISIS, particularly that Ankara has contributed to founding this terrorist organization and many others.
Javani pointed out that Justice and Development Party in Turkey has transformed some Turkish areas into training camps for ISIS members, providing them with weapons, ammunition, logistic coordination and medical services.
On the situation of the Syrian city of Ain al-Arab in light of the crimes committed by ISIS and the role of the Turkish government in that, the Iranian official said that “It is a strategic mistake committed by the Turkish leaders during the past years”, clarifying that the Turkish government and army refrain from assisting the terror-hit city residents.
On the international alliance against ISIS, Javani said that the way and methodology of the alliance in fighting ISIS will not lead to any end because terrorism has come to the region in the framework of an international conspiracy against the region.
He considered that the U.S. does not intend to fight ISIS in the region, saying that it has occupied Afghanistan and Iraq for more than a decade under the pretext of combating terrorism and extremism.

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