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Iranian Envoy: Security Situation Relatively Ripe for Syrian Election

Security-Situation-Relatively-Ripe-for-Syrian-ElectionIranian Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Reza Rao’uf Sheibani stressed that the security situation in Syria has been prepared for the Tuesday presidential election in the crisis-hit country.
Rao’uf Sheibani told FNA on Saturday, “The Syrian people are prepared for holding the election and the security situation has relatively been prepared for holding the election.”
He added that the Syrian people are now conducting their everyday life and trying to reconstruct their country.
Rao’uf Sheibani described presidential election in Syria as an effective way to thwart the plots hatched by the western states against the Middle-Eastern country.
The presidential election in Syria will be held on June 3 despite a surge of West-backed terror attacks mostly against civilian targets by armed militants as well as opposition publicity campaigns to undermine the landmark election process.

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