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Iran Warns to Destroy MKO Bases Near Borders with Iraqi Kurdistan Region


Iran warned of tough action against the bases and offices of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCR) terrorist group near the Iranian borders in case of further inaction by Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government.
“They (the Saudis) have activated Komola and Democrat (terrorist groups) in Erbil and built a garrison and two offices near the Iranian borders and if they continue and the government of Mr. Barzani doesn’t take any action against them, we will launch destructive operations against them soon and Mr. Barzani, himself, should account for it,” Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee said in an interview with the state-run TV on Saturday night.

Warning that Saudi Arabia has started a second wave of hostilities against Iran after its support for the terrorists in Syria and Iraq and the war in Yemen, the former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said, “They have also set up some bases in a region in Pakistan and they seek to foment insecurity in different parts of Iran but their plots have been foiled with the efforts made by the IRGC and the large number of arrests (of affiliates to the terrorist groups) by the security and intelligence forces.”

His remarks came after Paris hosted MKO’s annual meeting which was attended by former Saudi security chief Turki al-Faisal.

After the meeting, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted al-Faisal for participating in the MKO annual gathering, saying he is going the same path that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein did.

Speaking to reporters upon arrival in Kazakhstan for a ministerial meeting of the Caspian Sea littoral states earlier this month, Zarif lambasted France for hosting the MKO terrorists’ annual gathering.

He said every year, a number of infamous political figures from different countries participate in the gathering giving a speech.

“These people have visible records. People like Bolton and Gingrich have been attending such meetings and supporting the terrorists for years, and it is not a new event and they have always been pursuing the same policy,” Zarif said.

“Unfortunately, the presence of a person who is the manufacturer of both the al-Qaeda and the Taliban and has played a highly disgraceful role in the Saudi regime’s past actions in the region (Turki al-Faisal) has drawn so much attention from the media which shows his lack of competence and wisdom as he has tied his future to the terrorists like what Saddam Hussein did,” he added.

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