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Iran to continue boosting defense capabilities: Minister


Iran will continue enhancing its defense capabilities, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on Saturday.
Speaking at a local ceremony, Dehqan said that defense capabilities and national authority constitute Iran’s two major power elements.
Iran’s move towards realizing its revolution ideals under the guidelines of its leadership has forced the enemies to retreat, the commander added.
He underlined that the enemies are monitoring all Iran’s programs and movements.
They are looking for a chance to penetrate the country’s decision-making centers, the minister said.
The enemies particularly the United States and its allies are mulling annihilating elements of Iran’s power, Dehqan added.
He noted that the US has targeted Iran’s national economy in order to weaken the elements of the Islamic Republic’s power including the defense capablities and national authority.
Elaborating on the enemies’ economic war aginst Iran, the defense minister said that enemies imposed oppressive sanctions against us to deny Iran access to technology while they prevented other countries to improve ties with the Islamic Republic.
Calling Islmophobia, Iranophobia and Shiaphobia parts of the enemy’s psychological war against Iran, he said that the US, Saudi Arabia and their allies have created religious wars in the region in a bid to guarantee the security of Israel.
Unfortunately some ignorant, dependent states of the region are equipping the terrorists in the same way the US does, the commander added.

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