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Iran proved its role as mediator in Syria crisis: Analyst

365251_Iran-Syria (1)Iran has proved its role as a mediator to help resolve the Syrian crisis through a political solution, a political analyst tells Press TV.
In a Monday interview, Ibrahim Mousawi pointed to Iran’s efforts from the very outset of the crisis in Syria to find a political solution to the issue and mediate negotiations between the government and true opposition groups.
“This highlights and this proves the keenness of Iran in order to keep the situation in a very stable way,” Mousawi said.
The analyst praised Iran and its allies for proving to the West that a political solution is the sole path to settle Syria crisis, adding, “Again and again, this proves how Iran is keen about the domestic interest of Syria with all of the Syrian people.”
Mousawi criticized the other foreign parties involved in the Syrian crisis over their fluctuating and unstable positions toward the issue and noted that foreign elements keep vacillating between their support for terrorist groups in Syria and calls for finding a political solution.
On Sunday, Iran hosted the second meeting of heads of parliamentary foreign policy committees of friends of Syria with the presence of representatives from 25 states.
The meeting was in line with Iran’s policy to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria and establish peace and security in the Arab country, which serves as the front-line of anti-Israel resistance in the region.
The first meeting of this kind was held in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in March, bringing together delegations from Russia, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Venezuela, Syria and Iran.
Some reports say over 160,000 people have been killed in the crisis that has gripped Syria since March 2011. Millions have been also displaced.

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