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Iran dismantles terrorist group in east



Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has busted a terrorists outfit in the eastern parts of the country, an Iranian security official says.

“A terrorist team was dismantled last night by the Intelligence Ministry in the country’s east,” Deputy Interior Minister Hossein Zolfaqari told reporters on Tuesday.

He added that one of the members of the four-strong terrorist group was killed and the other three were taken into custody.

He noted that a quantity of explosives were also confiscated from the terrorists.

Iranian forces have been engaged in clashes with terror groups, thwarting their terrorist activities on the border and within the country, arresting several of them and confiscating large amounts of explosives and bomb-making materials.

Iran’s deputy intelligence minister for strategic studies on national security said on November 15 that the country’s security forces confiscated nearly two tonnes of explosives from Daesh terrorists in the city of Garmsar, southeast of the capital Tehran.

He added that the terrorists had sought to use the explosives to carry out bomb attacks in at least 10 locations across the country.

Back in June, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry reported thwarting a Takfiri-Wahhabi plot to stage attacks in Iran’s major cities, including the capital, Tehran. It also released a video showing security forces raiding the hideout of the terrorists in the capital.

Iran’s security forces arrested members of an Iraqi-based terrorist group, comprised of two terrorists and their two accomplices, in a village near the Iranian city of Marivan in the western province of Kordestan on September 16 and 18, before they could find a chance to conduct any acts of terror.

The Iranian forces found a number of weapons and ammunition in their hideout.

On September 20, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces arrested two terrorists of Pakistani nationality in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan.

According to a statement by the IRGC, the terrorists had been funded by Saudi Arabia and had received intelligence assistance from spy agencies of enemy states.

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