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Iran Congratulates Freedom of Kobani

Iran on Wednesday extended its felicitations to the Syrian people and government over the freedom of the border city of Kobani from the hands of the ISIL terrorist group.
“The freedom of Kobani shows that the resistance of the Kobani people, which lasted nearly for 5 months, bore its results and the people of this region showed that resistance is the only solution to gain victory over terrorism and extremist groups,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said in Tehran today.

“This victory is a good sign and helps all groups which are resisting against the Takfiri terrorism to take a lesson and boost their morale.”

Kurdish fighters expelled ISIL terrorists from Kobani after more than four months of fighting.

YPG fighters have “expelled all Islamic State (of Iraq and the Levant) fighters from Kobani and have full control of the town”, Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said on Monday.

The Kurds are chasing some terrorists on the Eastern outskirts of Kobani, “but there is no more fighting inside now”, Rahman said.

Then the Kurdish fighters announced that they would continue to fight to expel the ISIL terrorists from neighboring areas of the city.

In a statement of the People Protection Units Monday evening, Kurds said that “Kobani war was crucial for ISIL mercenaries” and that “ISIL defeat in Kobani signifies the beginning of the end of ISIL mercenaries”.

“We, People Protection Units, know that our duty hasn’t been accomplished yet. Because we have to liberate Kobani county areas, thus we renew our pledge to complete our campaign and achieve victories,” the statement read.

A few hours later, the Kurdish popular forces launched a series of military operations to liberate the Western countryside of Kobani from ISIL occupation.

The YPG forces also regained control of Halanj village in the Eastern parts of Kobani.

The Kurdish militants are also in fierce battle against ISIL to free the town of Shiran in the Southwestern countryside of Kobani.

Kobani, one of the largest cities in the Kurdish region bordering Turkey, was besieged by the ISIL terrorist group in September. Since then, Kurdish forces have been trying to drive the Takfiris out of the city.

In December 2014, Syrian Kurds leader Saleh Muslim Mohammad said that the main goal of Kurdish forces fighting against ISIL was full liberation of Kobani region.

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