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Information Minister: Syrians convinced dialogue and reconciliation important to combat terrorism

20140313-210322_h533032 (1)Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed that the Syrians are more convinced than any time before of the importance of national dialogue and national reconciliations to dismiss the foreigners and combat terrorism.
During a lecture delivered at Tishreen University, al-Zoubi pointed out that Syrians’ conviction comes in the context of the reasonable and logical thinking which produced many reconciliations in several areas around Damascus accompanied by the incidents of the gunmen turning themselves and their weapons in to the authorities concerned for life to go back as normal.
He stressed that the hard times going on in Syria will end in favor of the Syrians’ interests through the heroism of the army besides the political solution which is being achieved by the honest Syrians and the national parties, adding that the Syrian state will not accept to communicate with any gulf state that took part in the events in Syria and Qatar is on top.
Al-Zoubi noted that elections are a national duty and a personal right at the same time and that entails the voters to shoulder their responsibilities in this stage without hesitation as taking part in the elections process is a real participation in combating terrorism and violence.
He stressed that the national media will be neutral in dealing with all candidates and the state will work to expand the elections centers and ensure the arrival of people to practice this national duty.

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