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Huge marches in support of the army and national principles continue around the country

h.sharifi20120315093826620 (1)In support of the national principles and the Syrian Arab Army in confrontation with terrorism and in condemnation of the brutal massacres committed by the armed groups in various areas of the homeland, thousands of people from Bsirin and Shizer towns and the surrounding villages in Hama province took to the streets on Monday in a massive national march.
Participants in the march raised the national flags, chanting slogans calling for enhancing the national unity and rejecting the conspiracy and aggression facing Syria.
They stressed persistence on the national principles and foiling the conspiracy which is aimed at undermining Syria’s state and people.
They pointed out that the Syrians will remain clinging to their homeland and will continue their life united against the obscurantist and extremist forces which have inflicted sabotage and destruction on the homeland.
Huge march in Hasaka in support of the army
Meanwhile, residents of al-Azizieh neighborhood in Hasaka city took to the streets in a popular march in support of the army and the national principles.
SANA reporter in Hasaka said that the march went off from al-Salehieh Square towards al-Ghazel Square and toured several streets of the city as the participants raised the national flags and placards praising the heroism and sacrifices of the army for the sake of the dignity of the homeland.
The participants chanted slogans asserting the national unity and harmony among all components of the Syrian society.
They condemned the attacks of the terrorists on the humanitarian convoys and their massacres and crimes against the secure residents in Maan village in Hama countryside.
Solidarity stand in Lattakia in support of the Syrian Arab Army
In Lattakia province, a solidarity stand was staged in Project No 10 neighborhood in support of the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and in support of the national firm principles.
The stand came after a lecture held by al-Baath Vangaurds Branch in Lattakia titled “Golan is in our eyes.”

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