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Horrific Footage Shows US-israel, Turkey Affiliated ISIS in Yemen Executed Prisoners by “Bulldozer”

Horrific Footage show ISIS in Yemen Executed a Prisoners by Bulldozers


Now ISIS terrorists use “Bulldozer” to crush a prisoner to death in shocking new propaganda video filmed in Yemen. Two other Killed by other method including beheading and execution by gun.

ISIS (So-called Islamic State , ISIL , IS and Daesh) have released a shocking new video showing prisoners being crushed to death by a large boulder in Yemen.

In the appalling ISIS propaganda video, several masked ISIS terrorists dressed in matching military fatigues and tactical vests are shown executing three prisoners in cold blood.

Titled ‘Crush your enemies,’ the footage shows each prisoner, dressed in blue jumpsuits, being murdered using different methods, Daily Mail Reports.

The prisoners are accused of being members of the Yemeni government army fighting against the terrorist group.

The first victim is beheaded while the second prisoner is tied a chair and gunned down. Graphic closeup footage of their bodies is also shown in the sickening video.

A Dutch ISIS terrorist , known only as Mazen, is also shown carrying out a suicide bomb mission near the presidential palace in Yemen.


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