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Hezbollah Hails Heroic Operation in Al-Quds: Dealt Major Blow to Zionist Security

Hezbollah flag
Hezbollah flag


Hezbollah hailed on Monday the heroic operation that was carried out by martyr Misbah Abu Sbeih in Al-Quds city and left and a number of Zionist soldiers killed or injured.

In a statement, Hezbollah considered that the operation dealt a major blow to the Zionist occupation by striking one of the most fortified areas in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and killing elite Zionist security troops.

“This indicates that the executives are aware, accurate and deeply knowledgeable about the processes through which they can shake the Israeli security.”

Stressing that the operation shows that the Palestinians do not compromise defending Al-Quds and sacrifice everything to liberate the entire Palestinian territories, Hezbollah called on the whole nation to abide by the martyr’s will which urges them to protect Al-Aqsa mosque from the Zionist aggression.

The party also congratulated the martyr’s family on his heroic operation, urging the Arabs and Palestinians to support the resistance and to defend the martyr’s daughter against the Zionist occupation authorities that arrested her over her stances in which she expressed her pride in the operation.

Source: Almanar Website

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