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Hezbollah Fighters Advance in Quneitra Province

The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement made significant gains against the Takfiri terrorists’ positions in Quneitra province.

The Hezbollah fighters raided the military bases of Al-Nusra Front terrorists in al-Qassib, al-Saviseh and Naba al-Sakhr in Quneitra near the borders with Golan in the Occupied territories.

The Syrian army and the Hezbollah fighters have started military operations in al-Qalamoun mountainous region since three weeks ago.

Concurrent with Al-Qalamoun operations, the Hezbollah fighters have seized back several areas from Al-Nusra Front inside Lebanon near the borders with Syria.

On Sunday, Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces regained full control over strategic hilltops in Arsal barrens.

The Qarna al-Tanour hilltop in Arsal border region was purged of al-Nusra terrorists by Hezbollah fighters on Sunday, the Arabic-language al-Manar TV reported.

The Lebanese resistance forces are continuing their advances and heading towards Harf al-Daboul triangle in Southeastern Arsal mountainous area.

On Saturday, a source said that Hezbollah pushed back al-Nusra terrorists from the Southern border town of Arsal and seized control of a key area.

A senior Lebanese military official, preferring anonymity, said that the fighters of Hezbollah managed to recapture the al-Rahwah crossing from the control of the Takfiri terrorists after killing large groups of them.

The source added dozens of the al-Nusra terrorists fled the battlefield as they failed to resist the fire power of the Lebanese group.

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