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Hezbollah Deputy: Supporters of DAESH (ISIL) are its partner in crime

Hezbollah official slammed the support of some Arab countries for DAESH terrorist group saying that those who back the extremist group are its partner in crime.

Sheikh Nabil Qavooq, Executive deputy of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, attending the ceremony for martyred Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Atrash in Dayr Antar, denounced the continuing support of the Arab governments for DAESH to the point that up to now more than 30’000 members of the Takfiri (excommunicating) group have broken into Iraq and other countries.

He added,” When Takfiri terrorist committed crimes in Lebanon, some of their supporters claimed that the reason for that is involvement of Hezbollah in Syria clashes.”

Executive deputy of Hezbollah referred to the recent massacres in Kuwait, Tunisia and other countries demanding what is the objective of DAESH in beheading numbers of Nigerian people or exploding mosques in Sana’a.

Sheikh Qavooq also touched upon the clashes between Hezbollah and terrorist groups including DAESH and Al Nusra noting that as a national, religious and moral mission of Hezbollah.

“Lebanon is in real danger and this is not merely a possible threat because DAESH is already present in Lebanon and is quite active by the support of some authorities.” said the Lebanese cleric.

Sheikh Qavooq concluded that those who support terrorists are in fact a partner in crimes and responsible for the bloodshed of the civilians; therefore, countries which back DAESH and Al Nusra have to claim responsibility for the crimes committed by these Takfiri groups.

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