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Hezbollah deploys more commandos to southern Aleppo

Sources from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reported the arrival of a large Hezbollah force in the strategic town of Al-Hadher on Friday morning. The Hezbollah force was comprised of veteran commandos that have participated in several battles across Syria, including the first offensive in southern Aleppo. Hezbollah recently increased their presence in southern Aleppo after taking a three week long hiatus to concentrate their forces along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

These commandos arrived just hours before the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, announced during his live broadcast that the Lebanese organization will present its largest force in southern Aleppo. The Hezbollah leader stated that 26 Hezbollah soldiers have been killed this month as a result of the ongoing battle in the southern Aleppo countryside. Sayyed Nasrallah further added that 617 jihadist rebels were reportedly killed while attempting to advance against the government forces in southern Aleppo.

Large Number of Hezbollah Veteran Commandos Arrived in Aleppo
Large Number of Hezbollah Veteran Commandos Arrived in Aleppo

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