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Hezbollah Condemns Revoking Sheikh Qassem’s Nationality: Bahrainis Must Rage


Hezbollah denounced the unprecedented action taken by the Bahraini regime and represented by revoking the nationality of the honorable scholar and brave leader Sheikh Issa Qassem, describing it as extremely serious for the dignified and supreme position of the cleric in Bahrain and the entire Umma.
In a statement issued on Monday, Hezbollah considered that the regime’s step indicates that it is sending to the Bahraini protestors a clear message: There will be no reform, rights, dialogue, and political horizon.
“This authority, with its folly and recklessness, is pushing the Bahrainis to take tough choices which will be disastrous for the corrupt dictatorial regime.”
Hezbollah noted that this new crime represents the climax of the arbitrary campaigns against the people and serves as revoking the nationality of the citizens with all their components and revolution and challenging their will to live freely and decently.
It is unacceptable to revoke the nationality of any citizen who enjoys full civil rights, especially that of a great scholar who was born in Bahrain and has been Bahraini ever, according to the statement.
Hezbollah called on the religious, political human rights references in Bahraini, the region and the whole world to reject this provocative and reprehensible move, highlighting the necessity of pressing the Bahraini regime to reverse it immediately and change its political track towards an agreement with the people on ending the crisis which was caused by the authority’s reckless policies and submission to regional and international power.
Hezbollah finally called on the Bahrainis to decisively express their rage and discontent in face of the regime’s action against Sheikh Qassem.
Bahraini regime on Monday stripped Ayatollah Sheikh Issa al-Qassem from citizenship in a clear escalation against Shia clerics in Bahrain.

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