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Heroic Syrian army kills 13 top terrorist commanders

Syrian army kills 13 top insurgent commanders

At least 13 commanders of insurgent groups along with many militants have been killed in Syria’s border city of Yabroud, as government forces continue their mopping-up operations in the eastern part of the city, army sources say.

Syrian troops stormed Yabroud city from an eastern axis on Saturday as fierce fighting with armed groups contiues to rage on, an army commander said.

Yabroud, which is located in the Rif Damascus governorate, about 80 kilometers north of the capital Damascus, was foreign-backed terrorists’ last stronghold near the Lebanese border.

Syrian state television aired footage of the fighting, screening army troops on hills overlooking Yabroud and advancing toward the city.

The army has liberated most parts of the city and is gaining control over areas close to the Lebanese border.

According to the Syrian state television correspondent, army is pounding the positions of terrorist al-Nusra Front elements as many of the insurgents struggled to flee out of the embattled city.

According to the report, fierce street-to-street fighting is still underway.

On Friday, the terrorist al-Nusra Front acknowledged that Syrian army gained control over the outskirts of the Yabroud city, saying its second-in-command in al-Qalamoun area was killed.


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