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Heavy Infighting Erupts among Terrorist Groups in Southern Syria



ISIL stormed the positions of a rival terrorist group affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Southern province of Dara’a on Friday.

The ISIL’s attack – as described by local activists – targeted FSA-affiliated rebels in Hayt town where heavy firefight broke up as ISIL attempted to score an advance.

Meanwhile, the West-backed FSA militiamen bombed – with artillery and MLRs – the towns of Jaleen and Sahm al-Golan; two ISIL heartlands and the launch-pad of the recent assault.

Two weeks ago, ISIL launched an onslaught against rebel fighters in the area, killing more than 25 and wounding dozens.

The Southern province of Dara’a is expected to be the next destination for the Syrian forces after concluding the evacuation agreement in Northern Homs.

Last month, Al-Watan daily quoted Adham al-Akrad, a commander of the terrorists’ Operation Room known as al-Bonyan al-Marsous, as disclosing that the militants were divided after disputes over how to deal with government troops’ advances in Dara’a.

Al-Watan further reported that a group of terrorists demand an assault on the army by a small number of forces and a small volume of equipment while others underlined strong opposition to the stated plan, warning that they would retreat if the first group continues with this plan.

The daily went on to say that most of terrorists in Dara’a were afraid of the army operation, intending to apply for government amnesty instead of being killed in “a senseless battle”.

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