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Heartbreaking miseries for Migrants start again as Turkey-EU bargain on millions of refugees’ lives , 30 Drowned, 88 people Rescued

VIDEO: Another Misery For Migrants, 30 Drowned, 88 people Rescued

Dozens dead as second migrant boat overturns in Libya coast, while Italian coast guard reveals they have rescued 1,000 refugees in one day.
Rescuers say 88 people have so far been pulled out of the water after the wooden boat capsized about 30 miles off the coast of Libya. Yesterday afternoon, Italian coastguards revealed that a thousand refugees had been rescued from the Mediterranean in Thursday.

It comes a day after at least five refugees were killed when another overcrowded boat overturned and sank off the coast.

On Wednesday, 550 people were rescued amid frantic scenes as migrants tried desperately to swim away from the sinking vessel.More than 7,000 migrants have been rescued since Monday.

Some 650 migrants are scheduled to arrive in the Sicilian city of Porto Empedocle later on Thursday, including the five dead bodies recovered by the Italian navy on Wednesday.

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