Haneyya congratulates Larijani on his reelection as Parliament speaker

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Ismail Haneyya, the deputy political bureau chairman of Hamas Movement, has called on Ali Larijani, the Iranian Shura Council speaker, to work on reconciling the Islamic Nation for the sake of Jerusalem. Haneyya reached Larijani over the phone to congratulate him on the occasion of his reelection as Shura speaker, a statement by Haneyya’s office said on Friday. Haneyya reaffirmed Hamas’s insistence on resistance and constants and called for shunning differences and uniting the Ummah’s efforts for the sake of liberating Jerusalem and Palestine.

The Hamas leader pointed to the Israeli occupation’s schemes in Jerusalem and hailed the Palestinian uprising. He also called for ending the Gaza siege, lauding Tehran’s support for the Palestinian people and resistance. Larijani, for his part, affirmed his country’s backing to the Palestinian cause and heaped praise on the Palestinian people in general and Hamas in particular. The Iranian speaker hailed Gaza’s steadfastness and expressed appreciation for the phone call.


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