Hamas: Peres died without facing international justice

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The Hamas Movement has said that former Israeli president Shimon Peres was a war criminal and died without facing international justice for the atrocities he had committed against humanity. Commenting on the death of Peres,

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem called for making swift efforts to bring Israeli war criminals to international justice and not giving them any chance to escape punishment.

Qasem said that Peres was one of the Israeli leaders who founded the Israeli occupation regime and displaced millions of Palestinians from their homeland. “The massacres that had been committed by Peres are still remembered by our people. This man was in the government that carried out attacks and violations against the Palestinian people during the Aqsa intifada (uprising),” the spokesman added.

Hamas also accused the former president of justifying Israel’s wars on Gaza and being responsible for the Qana massacre in Lebanon in 1996.


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