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Hamas: Israeli ban on Muslim Adhan shall never see the day



The Israeli bid to ban Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) through Jerusalem minarets will never see the day, Hamas spokesman Hussam Badran said Wednesday.

Badran said in a press statement that the Israeli ban on Adhan is unacceptable for the Palestinians and the Muslims alike.

“The ban will serve as a new impetus to boost resistance and the anti-occupation uprising,” Badran stated.

He denounced the racist implications of the Israeli bid, saying it testifies to Israel’s “sadism” towards the adherents of the Islamic faith and towards Muslims’ places of worship.

“It is high time Muslims across the globe took action vis-à-vis such sacrilegious schemes on al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy sites,” added Badran.

The Hamas leader called on the Palestinian people and the national factions to face up to the ad hominem campaign waged by the Israelis against Islam and to speak up for Muslims’ right to religious freedom.


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