Hamas: Al-Quds intifada “important station to achieve national goals”

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The Hamas Movement has reiterated the need for supporting al-Quds intifada (uprising) and strengthening it with more resistance activities, describing it as an “important station for the achievement of the Palestinian national aspirations.”
This came during a symposium on al-Quds intifada staged by the National Assembly of Thought and Culture on Monday evening in Khan Younis.
In a speech during the meeting, Hamas spokesman Hammad al-Raqab stated that “the events that have been taking place since early October 2015 is a Palestinian intifada,” rejecting its description as a temporary popular uprising or a storm in a teacup.
Raqab, however, said that the unsteady events of al-Quds intifada could be attributed to the security collaboration between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli occupation.
He also stressed the importance of the Palestinian resistance’s role in backing the intifada and giving it momentum, calling for conveying the resistance experience in Gaza to the West Bank, which he described it as a “confrontation arena.”


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