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Hama: Terrorist Groups Suffer Heavy Casualties in Clashes with Syrian Army



The Syrian military forces struck the terrorist groups’ concentration centers and gatherings along a key road from Hama to the neighboring province of Homs, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants.

Syrian Army soldiers attacked terrorists’ positions in the Western side of al-Salamiyah near the road to Homs province, destroying the militants’ vehicle and killing a large number of them.

The Syrian army’s engineering units also defused a large number of bombs and explosive traps planted by the terrorists in Wadi al-Adhib region near the road connecting Sheikh Hillal to Ithriya in Northeastern Hama.

On Thursday, the Syrian army, supported by the popular forces, retook control of the strategic Tal al-Aboudi heights in the Eastern parts of Ma’ardes region in Northern Hama after a tough battle against the terrorists.

“The army troops also could regain control of al-Mathana region in Northern Hama in addition to al-Aboudi heights which means that the Ma’ardes town has collapsed militarily,” an army source said on Thursday.

According to the source, the Syrian army and national defense forces could fortify their positions in the region, preparing for operations to take back the silos located in the Western parts of Ma’ardes from the terrorists.

The Syrian army and popular forces began large-scale operations in the Northern parts of Hama on Wednesday to drive terrorists out of the town of Ma’ardes, near the important fortified village of Ma’an.

According to military sources, the army’s missile and artillery units targeted the terrorists’ positions inside the town concurrent with the start of the operations.

“The Army is advancing towards the town,” a source said.

Meantime, the army troops could drive back militants from the Southern parts of Ma’ardes while fierce clashes still continue in the region.

Also, the Syrian forces could fully purge the terrorists from al-Ebada, Jabal al-Akrad and al-Khazan farms on their way towards Ma’ardes.

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