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Grand Mufti Hassoun: Syrian women shoulder responsibility to rebuild a new generation

20140325-193825_h535270Grand Mufti of the Republic, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, stressed that the steadfastness of the Syrian women is the core of the steadfastness of the entire society and they shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding a new generation which brings welfare to the homeland.

Meeting the executive board of the General Women’s Union, the Grand Mufti said, “We are seeking a union that is up to the level of the homeland and the nation and that offers to the world an example of the Syrian woman who is taking part in making history.”

Head of the General Women’s Union, Dr. Majida Quteit, said the union is setting new visions and mechanism to develop work and enable women to play their active role in society to rebuild the human being in the after-the-crisis stage.

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