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Golden Triangle Damascus-Latakia-Aleppo Defeats Entire War on Syria



In August 2016 and during Hezbollah celebration which marked the tenth anniversary of July victory, the Resistance Leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed the importance of defeating the terrorist groups in Syria’s Aleppo, maintaining that the victory in the northern city is game-changing.

Scores of analysts wondered why Hezbollah selects Aleppo, which is  285 kilometers away from Lebanon, as a field to defeat the terrorists, knowing that the terrorist groups control a number of cities and towns that are geographically nearer to the Lebanese border.

The terrorist groups started the battle early in August by launching a major attack on the positions of the Syrian army and allies in Aleppo southern countryside to break the siege that had been imposed on the terrorists in the city’s eastern neighborhoods.

Thousands of well-armed takfiri militants wave into their targets, employing booby-trapped vehicles, before the Syrian army and the allies repel them and counterattack their positions.

Eastern Aleppo remained blockaded by the Syrian army and allies who decided to storm the militant stronghold and liberate the civilians.

The civilians in eastern Aleppo suffered from the criminal practices of the takfiri groups who also  used to launch rocketry attacks on the western neighborhoods, claiming thousands of victims.

Backed by the heavy strikes launched by the Russian air force, the Syrian army and allies advanced towards Aleppo eastern neighborhoods, defeating the terrorist groups and regaining almost all the targeted area.

During the operations, all the countries which support the terrorist groups, including Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, US, UK and France, rushed to hold successive sessions for the UN Security Council in order to vote on a ceasefire resolution that stops the field progress of the Syrian army and allies.

A worldwide propaganda also tried to portray the terrorists and the civilians in eastern Aleppo as victimized by the Syrian army and allies, ignoring the atrocities committed by the takfiri militants across the country.

The international support to the terrorist groups continued to include batched of sophisticated weaponry dispatched by the United States and other countries to the militants in Aleppo and other areas.

When all those countries cram to rescue Aleppo terrorists and prevent the Syrian army and allies from controlling the strategic city, the analysts can clearly observe the importance of the major victory achieved in Syria’s northern province.

Strategic experts reckon that liberating Aleppo is game-changing as the Syrian government now controls the five key cities across the country (Damascus, Homs, Latakia, Hama and Aleppo).

Holding the golden triangle, which links Syria’s capital in the south to the coast in the west and Aleppo in the north, means that the Syrian government has fortified the state’s pillars and changed the formulas ruling its war against the terrorists.

Other experts consider that the Israeli concerns about the defeat of the terrorist groups in Aleppo can vividly display how strategic the victory achieved by the Syrian army and allies is.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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