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General Ayoub: Armed forces is determine to combat terrorism

The Army’s Chief of Staff, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, affirmed that the Syrian Arab army is committed to continue its national duties in eliminating the armed terrorist groups and rescuing the homeland from their evils and sins.
General Ayoub, inspecting the situation of the Syrian soldiers and their combatant performance in a number of the army’s units in the central region accompanied by some officers, appreciated the success of the armed forces and their continuous readiness, referring to their high moral spirit.
Also, He met a number of field commanders who briefed him on the combatant missions they carry out in hunting the armed terrorist groups and the efforts exerted to restore security and stability to al-Zara town in Talkalakh, Homs countryside.
For their part, the soldiers affirmed their confidence in victory, showing readiness to offer sacrifices for the sake of homeland.

Source: Breaking News Network – Sana

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