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Food aid delivered to Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees

The Marhama charity organization Sunday said it managed to dispatch 1500 food parcels, containing varieties of 20 food items, to the Yarmouk refugee camp for Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria.

500 food rations have been distributed over the past couple of days after the organization hardly managed to gain access into the refugee camp Friday due to the security mayhem rocking the region.

Head of the campaign, Rashad al-Baz, said the relief packages entered the camp via the relatively-calm Yalda and Babila areas, following a series of arrangements struck with Syrian parties.

He said the delegation escorting the humanitarian convoy has been on the alert to the dire living conditions endured by Palestinian refugees at the Yarmouk camp, where neither food nor water are fit for human consumption.

Al-Baz called on activists and charity institutions to rally round the Marhama convoy and work on alleviating the humanitarian crises rocking the blockaded Yarmouk refugee camp.

Another humanitarian aid convoy is expected to be dispatched by the Marhama charitable trust to war-tattered Syria by the end of February.

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